Roundworm and Gapeworm- PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Leah and peeps

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    Jun 28, 2009
    Hi Everyone,

    I just thought that my girls had cocci and treated them with 5 days of amprol in the water. Though am still finding light red/pinkish stuff in their droppings. [​IMG]

    I found what looked to be a roundworm in one of the feces when i was cleaning the roost. It was about 2 inches long, white, thin. We pulled it apart and a long yellow "thread" came out of it. There were no signs of eggs in the feces. Could this be a roundworm? The girls all act and look fine and only one was found so far. Can roundworm be passed to humans? We ate the eggs that were laid becasue we didnt think that it was a worm. But knnow im wondering.... Are we now infected if one of the girls are? [​IMG] What can i treat them with? Or are the eggs of a hen with roundworm still edable?

    Also one of my younger girls has had a "raspy" voice for the past few weeks or longer. It does not seem to have an effect in her. She has put on weight and is active. She cannot cluck loudly like the others. Im just worried that this might be gapeworm? Is there anyway i can test to see if this is what she has? [​IMG]

    I am very worried as a first timer! PLEASE HELP ME! [​IMG]
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    Get a little bottle of 'cattle pour on Ivermectin' from your local feed store, and put 1cc under each wing for large birds, or 1cc between the wings for smaller adult birds, (less for young birds) and you will be rid of any lice, mites, or worms. Dont eat the eggs for one week if you are worried about the trace ivermectin that might be present in them.

    I do this about every 2 months as a preventative, and never withhold the eggs. I have never seen any sign of worms, the few lice we had disappeared seemingly overnight, and I have hens over 5 years old still laying with great regularity!

    It is simple and effective.

    Good Luck!
  3. Miss Lydia

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    Sounds like roundworm to me. I had to worm mine for round worms, used Wazine for the round worms then came back in 10 days and wormed with Ivermectin pour on for the rest. How old are your girls?
  4. Leah and peeps

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    Jun 28, 2009
    5 of them are 8 motnhs old and the other 4 are 5 months. I need the most effective and long lasting way if possible. But also quick.
    Is passed to humans? [​IMG]
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    Lots of info on here; here are some links about worming and chicken diseases in general. You should really read up on worms and make your own decision; not everyone agrees what is the best med or other approaches. Depending on their age and whether you have ever wormed them, for example, ivermectin could be quite dangerous for them.
  6. Miss Lydia

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    Why not PM dawg 53 he's got a lot of knowledge about worms and their young age you'd be better off getting advise from dawg.
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