Roundworm wormer help please!

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  1. Hello everyone! One of my Frizzles pooped out a couple roundworms in front of me the other day.

    I went to the feed store and got Piperazine Dihyrochloride 53% After reading through some threads though I checked with the vet who said they had Piperazine so I went and got it expecting it to be the Wazine 17 that is recommended here. It is not. It is Piperazine 52. As I only have 4 adult bantam chickens and 3 9 week old chicks she gave me a pill bottle full.

    The Vet wrote on it "8 grams in 6 litres of water for 3 days"

    I have never seen anyone on here talk of doing it for 3 days?! I had also bought the Safeguard for horses and planned to follow up with it in 10-14 days. Just to make sure I am getting all the ickies out.

    What do I do?? I am a little scared of the 3 day thing.
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    Wazine is a brand of piperazine. I'm not familiar with how it's given; it tells you how on the package, though. But the Safeguard will kill not only the roundworms but most other species as well. If you are going to use it anyway, you don't really need the Wazine.
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    I agree with Judy--just use the SafeGuard--1 pea size amount per chicken or 1/2 ml in a syringe, given orally, and repeat in 10 days. I would return the Wazine.
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    I would just use the Safeguard for both first and second dose and not waste time on the piperazine.
  5. I thought the reason for using the Wazine before the Safe-Guard was to paralyze the roundworms so they are pooped out and don't cause a blockage?
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    If by chance the birds had a heavy infestation of round worms then they can still get a blockage even with Wazine. The worms are paralyzed but can still cause a blockage in the process of being moved along the digestive tract. If the birds have not been on a regular deworming program and you are concerned that there could be a lot of worms then your safest bet would be to deworm with Valbazen. It works slowly over the course of a few days so you don't get a big worm kill-off all at once. I use Valbazen and liquid Safeguard for goats and rotate between the two a couple or three times a year.
  7. Thank you :) Unfortunately I am in Canada and can't get Valbazen which is why I went with the safe-guard :s
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    If you bought Safeguard paste you should read this:

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    If you use the right amount of Safeguard 3-5 days in a row it will kill roundworms, cecal worms, gapeworms, some tapeworms and capillary worms. That is what I do lately.

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  10. Your thread was one of the ones I had bookmarked when doing my research!

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