ROUNDWORMS. First time, please help! Deadly? AHHHH!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by fushalilly, May 6, 2008.

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    My dogs have a case of ROUNDWORMS. They are being treated now, but I am scared the chickens have caught it, as the roundworms lay millions of eggs in their soil. The chickens have been in close contact with the dogs and the soil they share the same land. The chickens have eaten off the ground that the dogs have been on while infected with roundworm!

    I have three barred rock hens, not yet laying. They are 10 weeks old and have been on an organic diet. I am not POSITIVE they are infected with ringworm, but should I give them medication just as a precaution? (it is likely they may have it but theres no way to be sure)

    If I should treat them anyway, what should I use? Is wizine and the other wormers safe for them even if they do not have roundworm? Is it safe to use just as a precaution? I have never had to do this before! Help [​IMG]

    Also, can we still eat their eggs when they start laying!?:eek:
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    Roundworms are generally fairly species-specific. I do not know offhand for CERTAIN whether dog roundworms can infect chickens but my bet would be no. Mind, you should find out for sure -- google, or call your vet (although vets unfortunately have a remarkably high rate of misremembering what they learned in parasitology class in vet school, sigh). But if it were me I would not worry yet.

    OTOH if you do end up deciding to worm them, you should have a couple months at least of built-in withdrawal period before they even start laying, so that's not so bad.


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