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    I have 22 week old golden buffs and they have been laying since 15 weeks. They have laid a few rubber eggs here and there but for the most part the eggs have been normal. I know they do this a lot when they are young but I have some questions.

    #1 - How long should I expect them to do this?

    #2 - If they eat it does that teach them to eat the regular eggs?
    (I literally was 8 feet away from one of my girls as she laid this rubber egg and I could not get there fast enough before 5 of them had devoured it.)

    #3 - If they continue to do this is it a health risk?

    It seems like they know its not a good egg because I have only found one rubber egg in the nesting boxes. The rest I have randomly around the yard. I just happen to be there when this hen laid it. I was watching her because she was acting funny. I'm so glad it was a rubber egg and not something serious. :eek:)

  2. Provide good feed, with a healthy calcium content, fresh water, sunlight for Vitamin D and some greens now and then. The rest is up to nature. Some strains seem to have this issue of slow maturing and not a few rubber eggs. I do not believe their eating those is a precursor of bad things to come. Yes, in my experience, they do indeed know it is not a good egg.

    Finally, they do get it straightened out. Give it some more time and practice good husbandry.

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