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    Jun 5, 2011
    Putnam cty, NY
    Tonight we had the flock out before sunset to let them free range a bit. We saw one of the chickens did not look right and did not want to leave the run. We picked her up and she came out with her butt pulsing. She fluffed her feathers and we thought she was sick. That was until we saw her squat and drop a fart egg. [​IMG] We all saw it come out with a flush of fluid to lubricate its passage. It was like an egg that had been soaked in vinegar overnight. It had a rubbery shell and a yolk when I opened it. Cooked it and it tasted good, though.

    Never saw a chicken lay an egg before and being that close was an experience. Hope it was not a fart egg because we had her out tonight. It was super hot all day today, though.

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