rubber eggs after a molt?


11 Years
Apr 26, 2008
Cypress, Texas
One of my almost 2 yr old easter egger hens just got done with a 4 month molt and started laying again yesterday. Her first egg after the molt looked totally normal. It was large, green with a nice hard shell. Today I went to see if she had layed any eggs and there was a strange rubber like egg sitting in the nest box. It was a normal looking egg..but with a rubber shell. Like the shell coating was just skipped. It actually feels pretty cool! lol Is this normal after a molt? She has never had these eggs before. And are they safe to eat? I stuck it in the fridge...
occasionally, a chicken will have a "mis-fire", and lay one without a shell. Most people feed them back to their girls. I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts occuring regularly
Okay, she laid another rubber egg today. This time it was broken and part of the shell had a long pink piece of meat-like stuff on it. Very gross...I'm kind of starting to worry now.

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