rubber type egg shell


8 Years
Jul 1, 2011
Wow. I know this happens with first time layers on occassion, but words can't address actually seeing the thing. So odd. Whomever did the deed either choose not to use the nesting box but next to it instead, or the thing was tossed out by the next layer. When I saw it, I thought at first that it might have been a peice of paper that I accidently left behind when switching out the old hay/rice hulls for new, and PICKED IT UP. My second thought was that it was a balloon, deflated. Weird. I could actually fold it up without breaking. Couldn't get it into the trash fast enough. Am I LUCKY that out of all the hens, this is the only time I've had this experience? And yes, I have oyster shell and their laying feed available all the time, along with fresh water and veggies/fruit for snacks.
We have 6 hens and every once in a while we get a rubbery shell, or a bumpy shell, or a thin shell that breaks easily. Like your chickens, they get oyster shell along with their chicken feed. I always think it's kind of cool (albeit disappointing) when I find one that like, which isn't that often.

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