Rudd Ranger Differance


7 Years
Jul 3, 2015
Charlotte NC
Hi, is there any difference between the " Rudd Ranger " (previously known as Husky Reds), from hoovers, and the red / freedom rangers you see everywhere else at every hatchery?
Is it just a name change or is this their own mixture of breeds? I really want to try these but not if they are plain red or freedom rangers. It just seems like multiple hatcheries use the same pictures and call them red broilers, rudds, reds, freedoms, it gets frustrating when trying to compare.

Thank you

Didnt I see a side by side comparison between a couple different named ones? Now I cant remember for sure but seems like someone here was growing the different meat birds out side by side to see what kind of difference there really is.... maybe it was with the slow growing broilers?

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