Ruffled Feathers?


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Oct 17, 2010
I have a male turkey who was a rescue with only one working eye but he grew up just fine and is now an adult. He hasn't had any problems because of his eye, it's just that lately he ALWAYS has his feathers ruffled when we go out to the coop at night. He used to only do it occasionally, and I know that this is part of their mating call, but now they are constantly ruffled, and he also doesn't eat as much as he used to. I live in NH so it has been pretty cold lately, so I didn't know if he did this just to keep warm or if he is sick. Also I know that he's not supposed to live too long because he is a bronze and is bred for meat, but I'm hoping he will live longer than the 8 months he's lived so far. Anything would help, thanks!
Is he a Broad Breasted Bronze, or a Standard Bronze? There actually are heritage turkeys that are Bronze and they don't have problems. My Broad Breasted turkeys do seem a bit more sensitive to cold temps and will have their feathers ruffled. If yours is a BB type, keeping them on a diet, watching what you feed them, and encouraging exercise will really help them out. I had a BBW turkey tom dress out at around 36 pounds, and have a hen that will be 2 this spring. It can be done, just don't let them park in front of a ffeder all day.

How is your turkeys poop?

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