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    Are there any rules of thumb for telling sex on juvenile chicks 8-12 weeks?

    Some I can tell right away, some I have no idea. some I just lie to myself and say I know, when I don't.

    I find the EE really hard to tell.

    And some of my production reds......and Dixie rainbows....

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    My best friend has EEs and I concur. Super hard to tell! With other breeds I can tell sooner. My Blue Americauna Roo I called at 2/3 weeks. I honestly think it just depends on the bird. Some like to keep us guessing. :)
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    Comb. At this age, pullets will have a pretty non-existent comb, and what they do have will be a fleshy pink. Any red color is male. At this age, three defined rows on a pea comb is going to be male.

    Color. Your prettiest birds are usually roosters. Seriously, non-chicken folks can usually pick a cockerel out of a group of birds, and they'll always say "that's the prettiest one!". The flashy coloring, red patches on the wings or body or otherwise very colorful birds are male.

    Leg thickness. Not a complete indicator, but taken as part of the whole package can lean one way or the other. Pullets have thin legs, cockerels have thick legs.

    Overall look. At this age, pullets are still kind of leggy, but the cockerels are usually a bit taller, and look gawky and unfinished.
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    I had seen this before. I could not find it when I looked for it. Even with these rules I still have trouble with some of EE. Of course, I think they are all flashy and good looking.

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