Rumpless Cochin??


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Jul 14, 2009
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I got this little cutie from a friend recently. She got all her birds from me as chicks and i just cant place this guy...i am thinking he might be one i got from a breeder/show person...

Orig. i thought he was just a Bantam Cochin, but after taking a better look I am wondering if he is a Rumpless Araucana/Cochin mix? His butt feathers are also very silky feeiling...& She also breeds Silkies. She lets them all run together in the yard when she's not breeding or whatever. Usually she has them seperated.

I know she had both these breeds for showing and sometimes gives me her extra chicks, shes never really sure what they are, mixed or pure.

what do you all think?

LOL I just posted almost the same question about an Orp in the breeds forum

He's cute- but his butt should be higher. I think if he had silkie in him he's still have some cushion. Hmmmmm.
Well here's the only problem i have with him being pure cochin...

the breeder's Bantam Cochins are ENORMOUS all over! I mean they're bantam size but perfectly round & poofier than any i have ever seen. If he is purebred cochin he would be Much bigger i think.

I found her e mail and just sent a few pictures of to her.

just the way that his rump falls reminds me a lot of the rjmpless araucanas, but i could be wrong..
My banty cochin adults are huge in comparison to some of the POL ones that I got from breeders. I think it's going to be a long while- before they catch up to the older ones. LF aren't full grown until they're over a year!
Here's a pic of a Silkie/Cochin mix hen i got from the same lady...see the size/cushion difference? also the leg feathering. Theyre about the same age i believe.

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