Rumpless Tufted Araucana chicks (Wanted)

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Well I recently had a very Unproductive hatch:mad: = 1 Chick
Anyway I am looking for rumpless tufted araucana chicks to go with the one I have 15 would be a good number, I would like a variety of color and only rumpless chicks as I am culling alomst all my tailed birds.if you can help e-mail me a price and description. (IE)rumpless clean faced,rumpless tufted, parent coloration etc..Willing to pay more for good stock.Send pics if poss.
Are you looking for large fowl or bantams?

I have a pair of birds that so far have only produced rumpless chicks. Parents are both tufted but all I have available are young cockerels, they are tame. Nice boys, black, one is tufted, two others are smooth faces but rumpless. I'd like to see them go to a good home.
You can also check eggbid Skyblue just had 15 chicks for sale on there. You can also go to they sometime post birds for sale on there. Also member of the Araucana club have a membership list by the states. Your ad never says where you are located by state. There are several members that have birds usually on a regular basis. There are some members also advertise in the Poultry Press. Rumpless double tufted birds are the premium and cost more than clean faced rumpless usually. There are usually someone on BYC that sells hatching eggs also. Good luck, HS
Thank you to all who responded, I still have no chicks but at least there are places out there to look, I've never had just one chick hatch before Poor thing looks so lonely I feel so bad , and I feel responsible because I am trying to find chicks of the same breed instead of just getting a few for company and warmth (snuggling). If I have to I may just get a couple of barred rock chicks for her.
Ha ha, I had a hatch last Monday, just one. Here it is:


It is a black rumpless araucana, no tufts though it came from tufted parents. I am hoping it is a pullet. I keep it in a box on top of my lizard habitat in the living room so it isn't so lonely.

I have 50 sex link chicks coming in a week so it won't be lonely very long. Also am putting a dozen araucana eggs in the bator today too.
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