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  1. detz

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    Dec 3, 2014
    We're planning on adding 4-6 new chickens to our flock of four so we want to keep them separate for a couple of weeks while they get used to each other. I was thinking of just building a little run, maybe 6x10x2 next to the coop to keep them safe and so they can see each other but not touch or spread anything. If I do this they won't have a coop but would that be okay for a couple of weeks since it's so nice out anyway? Any other way I can split this up to keep them away from each other?


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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    What are the dimensions of your coop? Run? Ten birds might be way too many for your current setup. In order to have your new birds isolated from the group for disease/ parasite issues, outside, maybe 100 yards downwind, or indoors totally away from contact. That includes equipment, clothing, shoes, everything. It's nearly impossible at home to do this. Mary
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    Jul 16, 2016
    I just built a large run for our birds, I would recommend going 3 feet high and wide that way you don't have to cut the hardware cloth. I also used 8 foot 2x2's only $4 ea at Homedepo. Get the hardware cloth from Amazon they have the best prices and you get twice as much vs Homedepo's price.

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