Run base?


May 19, 2011
This is my first chicken adventure and my first coop/run. We placed it on a grassy area with a slow slope. With 3 days of rain now, the area closest to the coop doors have turned to mud. I've come into EXTREMELYclose contact with the mud when I fell face first into it this morning.
Yes the girls were all lined up on the ledge having a good cackle at my expense.

What would be a good material to place in this area to avoid the mud? I was about to put cat litter down to give me some traction but then realized they might eat it. I have 6 layers, 15 meaties, 2 turkeys and 8 guineas.
I have kinda the same issue. Got home from work, went to check on the hens in the coop, and found that there is a rather large puddle in front of the house, in the run area, and the floor of the henhouse - which is the ground - is a little like a small swamp - the hay is even floating a little bit! I noticed the girls were hanging out primarily on the bottom shelf of the nesting cabinet, but their food hanger and water fountain are out on the floor.

Should I be concerned about the excess water they will have to stand in to eat and drink? Maybe spread a thicker layer of hay throughout the house? The run isn't quite finished, but if they were in it, a pretty large part of the area is "under water".

I realize it's completely "natural", but the girls are only 9 weeks old - also hooked the heat lamp back up under the cabinet where they were hanging out - help keep that area dry and warm.- according to, we'll be warm and dry the rest of the week, but another round of thunderstorms towards the end of next week. Just trying to plan ahead, and get things as "perfect" as possible. Will be introducing 4-week-olds later this week, maybe.- they're inside right now - temps at night are going to be mid to upper 60s all week.

Thanks to everyone who offers advice in these forums - helping a lot with getting things done properly for the birds!

Have a great day, and God bless!

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