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    Hey everyone! We are finishing up building the run attached to our TS chicken coop so our girls will be safe when we're not around to keep an eye on them. So right now they just have regular grass/dirt as the floor for their run. I'm wondering once they eat and scratch that all up what are your personal prefrences for bedding on the run floor? Do you leave it dirt, add sand,pine shavings? We are new to the world of chickens so I'm just trying to find the best solution for a decently sanitary environment with easiest clean up. Thanks in advance for any info!

    Picture of run set up to show what we're working with. 20180617012538_IMG_0123.JPG
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    I personally used bagged grass clippings in my run area. The ground is not muddy when it gets rained on. My run area is also some what covered, but rain water still enters in some areas or from the side blowing in.
    You may get many other opinions as to what others use. They are ALL GOOD, but not all are practical FOR YOU. Use what works best and easiest to maintain for you. :thumbsup
    WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and :welcome
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    Since your run is covered, you could put down any number of bedding options; top soil, sand, pine shavings (NOT cedar!), grass cuttings, pelleted pine, or any mixture. It’s really a personal choice. One that you will decide is easier to clean! Good luck and welcome to the Flock! :frow
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