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  1. Hi I am fairly new to having chickens. I have had my pretty girls less then a year [​IMG] RIRS. A few months ago I added some more that I bought out of the local paper. Barred Rocks hens, 2 roos one a leghorn and one a leghorn RIR cross. As well as a Leghorn hen that was so tiny with a broken foot, I just couldn't help but take her home too. They are all doing well and I am very surprised at how friendly the roos are. But I have been having a reoccurring problem with their dirt floor run. Every time it rains hard or the snow thaws, it's terribly muddy. I feel just awphel for them. I Have tried adding gravel and even resorted to spredding straw around when I think it is just too bad. I have been told numerous things at the local feed store to use, everything from the grave to crushed corn cobs. And I just have no idea whats best. [​IMG] Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    When the mud gets bad in our fenced in area....I usually take the straw from the coop, when I clean...and lay it in the yard....always in the same area, so there is a buildup there. Seems not to get muddy there anymore and they love scratching in it.
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    I too seem to be having that problem. My hubby said not to put straw down as that would make an even bigger mess! What I think I'm going to do is free range them in the yard and just replant the pen area. It's really big the upper half of our yard about half an acre so it'll probably take alot of grass seed. But I hate to see the chicks standing in mud. The funny thing is that they all can get out of the pen and a few do everyday so that helps alittle.[​IMG]
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    If you guys have a source for free sand, adding enough on top will help with the mud and the drainage also.


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