Run built around a tree, how to cover?


5 Years
Apr 5, 2014
I've built a run off my feed shed for my little flock and I'm really happy with how it turned out. We built it around a big shady magnolia tree, it's about 16ft long, 11ft wide, and 8ft high. Now my only concern do we cover it? I keep trying to think of creative ways to drape netting, or build a pergola type roof, or something...but it may just be that building a run around a tree and then trying to cover it just wasn't a good plan
Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'm not worried about it being ironclad predator proof because they go in the coop at night and any daytime prowlers get run off by my trusty blue heeler. I just worry about hawks bothering them, or we have seen crows hanging around eyeballing the feed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


In the Brooder
5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
Brown County Ohio
We have our run around a tree too, we plan on tying string and criss-crossing it over the top. Any hawks or other birds would get tangled in the string and not be able to get to the chickens. Haven't actually got around to putting it up yet but we are pretty confident it'll work
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