Run Chicks Run!


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
Another thread was talking about feeding egg yolks to chicks. I do this, but I haven't done it for a while.

So I hard boiled some eggs, and chopped up the yolks and the whites, and then put a teensy bit of cooked sweet potatoes in them just because, and put them in a little plate in their box.

Wow! They are grabbing little bits and then running all over with them to keep them away from the other chicks.

It is really fun to watch.


My Italian Greyhounds, who also like eggs, are very miffed and not speaking to me because I didn't give them any.

Aww! I can't wait to be able to watch this game.

Poor pups. XD Unfair treatment, but they're not going to give you breakfast in a few months. (On the reverse argument, they could help protect flock.
Well---no---not the little Greyhounds. The flock has to be protected from them.

Sarge, my English Shepherd, does help protect them. Good Dog!

When Penny, my old Italian Greyhound, came casually walking in the room with the brooder box, when I first got the chicks in the mail, she rather casually looked in, grabbed one, and killed it. Quicker and quick.

It surprised me, because she is familiar with chicks, and doesn't usually bother them. She explained that she is getting old, and was confused.

So she doesn't get to come in the computer room, where the chicks are, until they go out to the hen house. It upsets her, because she wants to catch up on her email.

My broder collie lab mix likes to kiss all the chicks and look in when theres a distress chrip but I wont let either of the dogs near without me present no trust issues going on here Huh
My chicks took some time investigating. Once they learned how good it was, now they can't wait to get at it.
Yes, that is how my adult chickens acted about meal worms.

I am going to raise them some, BTW. And also try out some smaller ones on the chicks.

I can just see them running all over with a meal worm in their beaks!


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