Run, coop and free ranging question


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Apr 7, 2013
Apple Valley, Ca
My ladies are about 5 months old with 1 roo (12 total). We got them as chicks, when they were fully feathered we moved them to the coop. Its was hot here so we didn't do the house breaking by leaving them closed in for a week. We did however place everyone inside the coop each night until they went there by themselves each dusk.

My question. Its cooled down and I wanted to let them outside (inside the run is a cooling mist system) the run to eat the grass and such that grows around our acre.... They won't leave their run.....will they always be this way now?
X2. Some of my young birds will rather hang around inside the pen all day where it's hot & dirty than go outside and scratch in the nice green grass. They eventually get with the program though.

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