Run cover - PVC or Polycarbonate?


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Mar 31, 2012
Hey all - I'm finishing up my coop/run. It's the same idea as the Wichita or the Chicken Palace listed on here. I was going to cover the run in hardware cloth and then put clear corrugated panels over them to provide shelter from rain or snow (in New England here). Question for those more experienced than I... should I suck it up and buy the polycarbonate sheets, or for a run (not a house/coop mind you - just the run itself) is that a little bit of overkill? Has anyone had terrific (or horrible) longer-term experiences either way?

Don't want to sound cheap - but we're talking like a $65 dollar difference with the amount I have to buy... and I'm starting to figure out HOW expensive this first egg is actually going to be!
I'm in the same situation and would love to see a reply from someone with a little experience with both types.
... or even a "don't overthink it - it's just a chicken run" would be good.
Valid point but with our clay soil if I don't cover the run it'll be a mud hole on rainy days. My girls hate muddy feet.
Mt greenhouse uses polycarbonate, and I can guarentee it will far and away outlast the PVC. In the long run it might be cheaper as you start to replace the PVC. And, you might get away with only putting it up on the weather side.
I have to agree with 2Old2Crow, the polycarbonate works great and lasts. I used it over my chicken tractor because of the high strength/low weight. I also put it over the run to keep it dry and provide some shade, as I used a green colored polycarbonate instead of clear.
Thanks for the insights. I guess I'll suck it up and spend the cash - at this point it's all too much no matter what I do!

I appreciate your insights.

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