Run looking a bit haggard


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Taunton, England
As standard my girls are enjoying tearing up my lawn, but it's starting to get a bit dirty now, mainly due to them pooing alot -_- we're waiting on some more chicken wire so we can extend the run, but are there any quick fixes to clean it a bit for now? Thanks
I use sand in my run. It drains well. There is no mud. Doesn't smell. And, since it is soft enough for the girls to scratch and dig up, most of the poo just gets worked into it only to wash away in the next rain storm. My run is built right next to a hill in my yard that drops off about 4 to 5 feet and leans slightly towards it, and the side of the hill is a lush green from all that liquid fertilizer. next year I plan to plant an array of wild flowers on the hill.

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