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    I have 5 or 6' chain link fence, can I use that for a run or will it not be predator proof? Since its not very tall I won't be able to cover the run if I use it since hubby and I will have to stoop down to get in there. Do you have to cover the run? If its not covered the chickens will need to have their wings clipped wont they? I really like the coop and run idea from frontporchindiana, there are pics of it in the large coop design section. Its red and has storage in the front and 2 fenced in areas, one for garden and one for chickens to be alternated every year. i thought that was an excellent idea. I just wondered if to save money I could use chain link instead.
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    If you don't cover the run you have set a table for the hawks etc. Poor birds. I do stoop down; but the resident hawks just stare at them.
    If you must leave open you only cut the flight feathers of one wing, otherwise they will still fly out. One wing cut unbalances them.
    If open you subject your birds to other wild birds too. I have one inch chicken netting on top and have not seen any wild ones in with my hens. The agr. dept guy said that was important to prevent maereks and other viral disease from getting to your hens as easily. As the wild birds maybe carriers. The set up for restingyour yards is a very good idea. I am in the process of building a second much bigger run for my spoiled hens. It will be 12'x48'. I just love to see them running about. It will be covered as well.
    A weasel can go through even a one inch hole. I close my chicks in at night like fort knox to prevent predation. Good luck and have fun with your hens. Jean
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    Quote:I used 4' chain link for many of my fences.. I have never had a chicken taken by a hawk out of the fence in over 40 years.

    I am not saying it cannot happen,though.. what it would cost to cover the yard would far outweigh the occasional sacrifice to the hawk..

    I did see a hawk take a fryer sized free ranger one time.. it was awesome..

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