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9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
I haven't started the castle coop yet. Just haven't had time to devote to that project yet, but soon it looks like I will.
However...The Crazy Crooked Seuss coop is no more. I dismantled it and rebuilt in our shed. The crazy coop sprung a bad leak I couldn't find for some reason, and tons of rain=miserable chooks.

So, the new coop is in the shed. There will be a run attached to the front, not huge and straight dirt, will have a sand box in it(and NO ducks).
The questions start with sun exposure. Do they need part of the run in sun? or will a free ranging play time be sufficient?
How big should the run area be, given that they will be confined to it majority of the time(3 chickens).

inside the coop...
Will they need food and water over night while locked in the coop.
After the run is complete it will be predator safe, buried fence clear to ceiling, should I leave the door open all night, or lock them up at night and just let them out during the day?

Duck yard
Im seperating the chicks and ducks. For one, Doc has turned into a snotty bully towards the chicks the past 2 days and the chicks have taken to hiding in the coop while Doc wanders their yard.
2 ducks, 1 duck house(a dogloo) a wading pool. What size yard am I going to need for them?
I'm tempted to use cement pavers to cover the ducks yard, it makes me
when I have a mud covered white duck. Would that be to hard on their feet? would they absolutely hate me for that? Should I just get over my muddy duck hang up? should I invest in a full body duck style water/mud proof suit? Should I teach her how to shower so I don't
at her anymore?

They are all about 7 wks now
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Sunshine is great but plenty of fresh air in a dry run is most important. They will sit in the sunshine, when they want, as the sun moves around the coop but shade and dry is more important.

They will use any run space you give them. Don't be afraid to give them some extra perches in to run to hop around on (saplings stuck thru the run wire side to side is easy chicken entertainment).

You should be able to let them come and go out the coop since you're well secured and that will let you leave their dinner and drinks outside, on the veranda.

As for ducks, they're like little boys. They love mud and they will hit the pool as needed. If it really bothers you, why not pea gravel? Yes, it will eventually sink in but does it matter?, it will still minimumize the mud.

How about a picture of your set up?
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