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    Okay.. so I was originally thinking I would put up a 3 ft (this is the height of fencing I could find available with chicken wire over the top but, now I'm thinking maybe I will add a different kind added above this.. I have 1/4 in opening 23 gauge hardware cloth 150 ft in 5 rolls. I am thinking of adding some chicken wire above the other fencing and over the top. I'm also wondering, haw far do you space your posts. I have a choice of either cheap 8 ft wood posts which would of course go a couple feet under the ground or for about the same price only a few cents difference, I can get four foot metal posts...which would be better? I'm geting really confused about the whole fencing thing.... help would be much appreciated! [​IMG]
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    Jan 24, 2007
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    I would use the small weave hardware cloth around the bottom, but then use the chicken wire above, and over the top, as you said. But I would get posts that will have 6 ft above ground, after you plant them, so you can stand up in the pen. Depending on the size of your pen, I would put the posts from 10 to 12 ft apart. Either wooden posts, or you can get steel posts that are about 7 ft long, and drive them in a foot deep. Probably the wooden posts--4 inches by 4 inches is a good size--would work best, as you can nail the fence to them.

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