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~Run With The Pack~ Wolf Story

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by OwlLover, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. OwlLover

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    Aug 25, 2011

    Hello! This is a story based on the RWTP RP. There will be a few different perspectives as the story goes on. There will be some minor differences from the RP, but I can't say what they are :p

    K so now, credits. I own Senkah, Hades, Faedon, Zero, Lark, and Darkpack's Fox. wildriverswolf90 owns Aki, Nighta, Luna, and West. SilkiesForEver owns Rain, Thunder, Nike, Sierra, Mari, and Ebony. HCCLK owns River, Fish, Bird, Moonsky, Reed, and Tawny. Nickeyo owns Lilly and BeechTreeCreek. Chicken Tamer owns/owned Ameroq, though the pack is only mentioned by name. iluvorpingtons owns Atra, Cedar, Quartz, Fox (from Pinepack), the alpha pairs of Emeraldpack and Pinepack, and credit for creating the awesome RP!

    If I missed anyone or any wolves included in the story, let me know. Or, if I do something with your charries that you don't like, PM me and I'll edit ASAP! And, if I haven't included your wolf in this story, and you want him/her in it, PM me.

    Anyways, enough of the ranting. Begin!

    Chapter 1

    The wolves howled in a mournful chorus around a motionless form. As the song ended, Senkah, the beta, lowered her head. Her father, the alpha, had just died hours before. She'd been the one to discover his body in his den. Heartbreaking as it was, she now had a duty. She felt as if an enormous weight had been placed on her shoulders when she thought of it.

    She was the new alpha female of Stonepack.

    Her mind was abuzz as she helped Aki lift up the deceased alpha. Her packmates' gazes were so intense they were hard to look into. Hades watched her, with sympathy, sadness, and respect in his gaze. Thunder and his pregnant mate, Rain, dipped their heads sorrowfully.

    Senkah, with Aki's help, let the lifeless form of the former alpha of Stonepack slide onto the ground. As Senkah buried him with the dirt they'd dug up, she finally began to think. Who will be the alpha male?


    "There's one!" Hades whispered as he and Senkah watched a herd of elk from the trees. One was limping considerably, and hanging back. Senkah nodded, then began to slink around, before breaking into a full-on run. The herd scattered, running away from the predator in a stampede. Senkah saw Hades race in front of the elk, and because of its limp, it couldn't turn quickly enough. She brought her jaws down on its hind leg, dodging as it kicked. Hades ran alongside it, and as it tripped from not being able to use all four limbs, he leaped. Sinking his jaws into its throat, it went down.

    "Dinner," Hades grinned, and was ready to dig in.

    "No!" snapped Senkah. Hades jumped, surprised. "You know that the whole pack needs to be called here first! Rain can't hunt by herself!"

    "Well, I was kind of hoping it would be just you and m- Nevermind," Hades muttered, looking away.

    Senkah blinked in surprise. She didn't understand why Hades acted so differently around her. He was much sweeter and... just weirder in general around her than he was with other wolves. Probably respects me because I'm alpha now, she thought. It was still so strange to think that she was the alpha female of Stonepack. Forcing away these puzzling thoughts, she tilted her head and howled. A few minutes later, the pack came running.

    Senkah took a seat by the elk's neck, where there was more muscle. Shyly, Hades came over and sat down beside her. She cocked her head, but didn't question him.

    Aki pried a leg off, then dragged it away to eat by himself. Senkah had chosen him as her beta days before, and she was starting to consider seeing if he was her type as a mate. He was definitely alpha material, and that's why she chose him as her beta. She glanced at Hades.

    Maybe Hades is, and I just don't realize it yet, a tiny voice inside her said quietly. Senkah took a bite of the elk, wolfing down the meat. "You called it, Hades," Senkah commented, "this is a good elk. You're a good hunter."

    "Thanks," Hades smiled, beaming.
    Senkah took another bite of the elk. "We should hunt together more often." As she looked over at him, she felt her heart give a powerful lurch.

    For a split second, Hades looked like the happiest wolf alive. He quickly contained it, however, and said, "Yes, we should."


    A week passed. Hades bounded through the forest alongside Senkah after a rabbit. His jaws snapped, just catching the leg. He shook it fiercely, killing it within a few seconds. "Here," Hades smiled, holding the rabbit up for her.

    "Thank you, Hades," Senkah murmured, smiling broadly as she took the rabbit. She turned, padding out of the forest and into the moonlight to eat it. As she padded through, it suddenly opened wide into a vast, grassy meadow. She settled down and began to eat, the moonlight reflecting off her pelt. Slowly, Hades came over to her. Senkah felt a roar of emotion within her.

    Hades nuzzled the side of her neck softly. Senkah's heart leaped when he did that, and she wished he hadn't moved away. Am I... in love?

    "Senkah..." Hades murmured, "I love you."

    Senkah felt her heart leap. Yes. I am. I love Hades. "I love you, Hades!"

    Hades grinned from ear to ear. "Be my mate?" His tail began to wag.

    "Yes," Senkah replied without skipping a beat. Grinning, she rose to her paws. "Race you to the dens!" She smiled as she ran, howling her joy with her new mate. Stonepack had a new alpha male.
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  2. OwlLover

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Chapter 2

    A young, red she-wolf with a white underside and ears raised her head as she heard pawsteps storming into camp, obviously angry. It was her father, Hades. Her name was Faedon, the daughter of the alphas. She dashed over to his side, "what's wrong?"

    "Darkpack has coated their entire nasty stench across the border!" Hades bristled. "They're trying to start something, I just know it! And what's worse is that I just missed them!"

    Faedon felt the fur along her spine raise uneasily. She'd heard tales of Darkpack, and smelled their border, but never seen one of their wolves, nevertheless fought against them. "By how much?" she asked softly.

    "By about two freaking minutes!" Hades roared. Faedon flinched. She couldn't tell if he was yelling at her, about Darkpack, or both. Her father was normally well-tempered, and she'd never seen him this angry.

    There were four packs: Stonepack, Pinepack, Emeraldpack, and Darkpack. They never heard much about or from Emeraldpack or Pinepack, aside from an occasional distant howl announcing food to their own packmates. There were two other packs; BeechTreeCreek and Ameroq, however their territory was far enough away that even distant howls were impossible to hear.

    Darkpack, however, was different from the others. All the other packs had to watch out for them. Though they had surrendered when Nox attempted to dominate the territories and drive the other packs out, recently they had started acting up again. Ever since River and Atra had become the alphas, Darkpack had completely disregarded the borders, marking their scents on trees while they were there. Either they were ignoring them, or did it just to spite the packs. No one knew for sure, but just about everyone in Stonepack believed that they were doing it for the latter.

    "What are we gonna do about Darkpack?!" Aki barked, snapping Faedon out of her thoughts.

    "What a coincidence! I was just about to take that to my mate," Hades snapped. The noise had attracted Senkah out of the alpha's den.

    "We should go there and bring the trouble to them, destroy them!" Aki growled.

    "Wait," Senkah said firmly, "we can't just go rushing off into war." Her voice was tense, like she didn't agree with what she was saying. I wish I could kill you, Atra, she thought silently. But I can't be reckless.

    Aki let out a throat ripping growl. "We have to DO SOMETHING! We can take them out! Come on Hades!" His fur bristled; not at Hades, but at Darkpack.

    But Hades didn't see it that way, unfortunately. He snapped his jaws, missing purposely, as a warning. "Who do you think you are talking to me that way?! I am your alpha!"

    Aki suppressed a growl, but lowered himself and submitted. "Sorry Hades," he apologized. "I don't know why I got that mad."

    Just then, Sierra and Nike, Rain and Thunder's two pups, came thundering into the camp, their eyes huge. "Woah. Calm down. Sierra, Nike, what's the matter?" Senkah asked them.

    "Darkpack!" Sierra growled.

    "We smelled their scent on the border, and went to investigate, and we saw a wolf running from our territory back to theirs!" Nike added.

    Senkah's eyes narrrowed. "Hmm..." she muttered. "This is getting interesting..." She stalked away to her den to think.


    Later, Senkah slunk away to the stream at around midnight. She got a drink, then took a whiff of the Darkpack border. "I don't know how they can stand the way they smell," she muttered, wrinkling her nose.

    She slowly smirked to herself as she gazed over into Darkpack's land. "They think they can help themselves over to our land... why not to the same to them?" She smirked.

    After making sure no one from Darkpack was around, Senkah quietly stepped over the border and onto Darkpack's territory. She rubbed up against several trees, smothering them in strong Stonepack scent. She noticed a plump mouse scuttle around the pine needles, and she smirked. A nice little snack, she thought. Bunching her hind legs, she jumped. Her jaws wrapped around the mouse, and it squeaked, squirming. To end its suffering, she quickly broke its spine. Knowing Atra, she probably would have tortured the poor thing, Senkah thought bitterly.

    Putting the mouse down back over on her side of the border, she marked a couple more trees before quickly leaping back over to Stonepack's side. "Let's see how you mousebrains like that," she muttered, picking up the mouse and trotting into the forest.
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  3. OwlLover

    OwlLover Alaskan Wanderer

    Aug 25, 2011
  4. Nightwish

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    Jul 29, 2013
    Love it. :D
  5. OwlLover

    OwlLover Alaskan Wanderer

    Aug 25, 2011
    Thank you! :D
  6. Nightwish

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    Jul 29, 2013
    Anytime. ;)
  7. OwlLover

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Chapter 3

    Senkah was awakened by the sounds of distant snarling. She instantly jumped to her paws, that's by the border! She could barely distinguish one of them as Zero's, a packmate of Stonepack. She leaped over a fallen tree as she raced to the border. She arrived in time to see Zero get thrown against a tree, and Atra get knocked back by a kick from Zero.

    "What's going on here?" Senkah demanded, snarling fiercely at Atra.

    Atra growled, "I was on my territory, investigating a scent, when SHE," she pointed at Zero with her nose accusingly, "came over and attacked me."

    "If I remember correctly, my mate said he smelled Darkpack over on our borders," Senkah growled. "I have a hard time believing your story." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Aki come running. Three wolves against one, Senkah thought. Even better. We'll drive Atra out of here easily, even if she has reinforcements.

    "You have no right to accuse us," Atra barked. "What if the wolf you smelled was Pinepack who had been in our territory?"

    "Because it would have had Pinepack scents in it as well," Senkah growled. "That scent didn't." I swear Atra, your stories and lies are getting worse and worse.

    "Then maybe you're lying," Atra growled, "or my pack has some hooligan in it, like a few I know."

    Aki snapped. "I saw you in our territory!"

    Senkah gave Aki a warning look that said, stay out of this. She turned back to Atra, "I'll throw you right back into your own territory," she snarled, "so called sister!"

    "You were never my sister, you rabbitbrain! I never would have come here if it weren't for your brainless follower!"

    "Oh, yes you were!" Senkah snarled. "A sad turn of fate made sure of it!"

    Atra curled her lip, "I don't care about our blood, unless it's yours being spilled!"

    "I'm afraid it's going to be yours instead," Senkah growled.

    Atra snarled, "back to puppy games, then, sister?" She spat the word out like poison.

    Senkah pinned her ears back against her head as she lunged for Atra. "This is far from that, mutt!"

    Atra tried to leap aside, but Senkah's teeth sank into her pelt. She felt blood flowing from the wound. Full of fury, she wheeled straight for her sister with her paws aiming for her neck. Senkah was surprisingly silent as Atra's claws sank into her neck. She jabbed her paw at the spot on Atra's chest where the heart was unprotected. Atra yelped, the blow tearing down her chest, but not killing her. She gritted her teeth and lunged again, this time going low and veering to the left. Senkah tried to kick at her with her hind leg, but she did it too early, and was knocked down again. She reached around and bit at her sister's throat.

    From the background, Aki twitched. He wanted to step in and take Atra down, but he held back. Senkah wouldn't want him to interfere; besides, Senkah could hold her own.

    Atra howled with anger and pain as teeth tore through the fur on her neck. She leapt back, her ears pinned and her tail curved under her with the tip twiching. "Next time I come back, I won't be alone!" she snarled, her lips writhing, then she stormed out, breaking into a run for the boundary.

    "You're on thin ice, Atra!" Senkah howled. She snarled, watching her leave to make sure she did cross the border and didn't come back. The adrenaline had made the wound on Senkah's neck go mostly unnoticed, but at that moment it faded and Senkah felt it. "Ow," she muttered, pawing at it.

    Aki stepped towards her. "Are you okay?" he asked.

    "I'm fine," Senkah replied.

    "That wound looks bad," he said worriedly. Zero nodded in agreement.

    Senkah wiped it with a paw, feeling blood drip down her neck. Her eyes widened for a second when she saw how much blood was on her paw, before she growled. "Atra, if I find you again I'm going to tear you to pieces..." she mumbled under her breath. She looked up at the sky; it was becoming milky with the coming dawn.

    "Come on," Zero said, "we need to get you back to the dens."

    "No." Senkah shook her head. "The wound will clog faster in the river." She turned and began to walk towards the river, itching to run but refusing to since it would only increase the blood flow. Aki walked there with her to make sure she got there safely, while Zero went back to alert Hades of the fight.

    Senkah turned her head as Aki noticed something. It was a Pinepack wolf! "What do you want?!" Aki barked.

    Senkah growled, her fur bristling as she walked over to Aki's side. How many intruders are we gonna have to deal with today?!

    The Pinepack wolf, called Fox, immediately rolled over submissively. "I only want to talk!" she yelped, "I won't steal your prey, and I'm alone!"

    "Okay, okay," Aki said, "Talk."

    "Do you know who's been trespassing?" Fox asked, "We know it's Darkpack, but we don't want to blame them if it's just one bad apple."

    "It's Atra, the alpha, I'm positive. I saw her enter our territory and she just attacked Senkah," Aki replied grimly. "They are up to something."

    "What?!" Fox yelped, "But the whole pack follows her and her mate!"

    "I know," Aki said, "this is why this is so troubling. They are trying to start something!"

    Fox's eyes widened, "What about Emeraldpack?"

    "They should be warned." Aki said, "I'll go and talk to them later. If Darkpack is coming after all of us, we need to work together."

    "Like... joining," Fox blinked. "Is that even possible?"

    "More like an alliance," Senkah said, stepping into the conversation for the first time. "We have to try. Would you talk to your alphas about it?"

    Fox shifted as the Stonepack alpha spoke to her. "Yeah. They don't plan on attacking though, but maybe an alliance in war... I'll ask." She then turned and returned to her own territory.

    Senkah went ahead and went to the river. "I'll go ahead and warn Emeraldpack," Aki told her. Senkah nodded, stepping into the cold water. She watched Aki race away into the north trees, by Emeraldpack's land. Sighing, she let the wound in her neck clot, thinking about what they would do about Darkpack.

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    Cool! :)
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    Chapter 4

    Senkah went to the Stonepack-Darkpack border, checking to see if Atra came back. Snorting, she re-marked the scent lines. The Darkpack scent was fading, but it was still there. She eyed a fat, young doe that was inside Darkpack's territory. Senkah's mouth watered at the thought of eating it.

    She smirked, they think they can trespass on our territory... who's to say I shouldn't do it right back? she thought, stepping over the border and stalking it. She licked her chops as she prepared to leap. She pounced, wrapping her jaws around its neck and yanking upwards. After killing it she began ripping its fur off, before she began to eat. She took her sweet time, not caring at all about being on Darkpack territory. After Senkah decided she'd had enough, she sniffed around for a soft patch of dirt to bury the bones.

    Unbeknownst to Senkah, Atra was nearby. As she caught a whiff of the offender, rage willed every bit of her adrenaline soaked heart. "Senkah," she growled under her breath. "So we're playing it reverse now, sister."

    As Atra was downwind of her, Senkah didn't know that she was nearby. As she dug, she purposely flung dirt in every direction, making a larger hole that necessary in order to make a mess. "Let's see how you rabbitbrains like that," she thought, snickering as she put the bones inside and resumed burying it.

    Atra bit back a snarl. She was still badly wounded, but once she had healed... you shrewhearts better watch your backs. Senkah marked her scent on a few trees, before heading back to the Stonepack dens, in no hurry. That's IT you piece of filthy scum unworthy of sharing my blood! Atra paused to try and smother Senkah's markings with hers, but the smell of Stonepack still mingled with hers. She stomped off to find the rest of her pack.

    Senkah greeted Hades as he entered the den, returning from his hunt. She told him about what she had done on Darkpack's territory, and he snickered. "They didn't even notice me!" Senkah snickered, not knowing that Atra had been watching her the whole time.

    Hades snickered, then yawned. "I'm exhausted."

    Senkah suddenly realized how tired she was, as well. "Yeah. Well, goodnight."

    "Yeah, goodnight." Hades licked Senkah's ear, "I love you."

    "Love you too...." Senkah's voice trailed off as she began to doze off in her nest. Hades curled around her lovingly, and she laid her head on his shoulder as they gave way to sleep.


    Zero ran to the entrance to the alpha's den at dawn, tapping her claws on a stone quickly to signal the alphas that there was a message. Senkah lifted her head, cracking her eyes open. "What is it, Zero?"

    "There's a strange wolf on the borders," Zero replied, panting.

    Senkah grumbled under her breath, "Hades!" She nudged him awake. He parted his jaws in a yawn as he awoke. Senkah repeated to him what Zero had told her, and he cursed under his breath. He walked out of the den after Senkah, following Zero to the border. Right there, a red and white wolf bumped into them with a yelp. She tucked her tail beneath her legs and sunk to the ground in front of Senkah.

    Senkah swiveled an ear behind her as Aki padded up, his fur matted with blood. She'd heard the sounds of a battle earlier in the loner lands. He must have gotten caught up in it, Senkah thought, I'll ask him about it later.

    "I hate my pack and they're trying to kill me," the strange wolf whimpered. Aki lapped at the blood on his paw.

    "Who are you?" Senkah demanded. The wolf reeked of Darkpack.

    "C-Cedar," she stuttered, "Atra keeps talking about killing Emeraldpack but I don't know anything, honest!"

    "And how do we know you aren't just some spy?" Hades growled, his muscles rippling under his pelt. Senkah nodded in agreement, her lips curling in ever so slightly.

    Aki looked at Cedar, then the alphas. "It's true, 'bout Atra," he said quietly. Hades flicked an ear to let him know that he heard him.

    Cedar trembled, "They're trying to find me!" she yelped, "I heard Atra talking about her plan to target Emeraldpack and she said that I couldn't live after hearing it." Genuine fear was evident in her eyes.

    Hades opened his mouth to bark something, but Senkah angled her tail in front of him to stop him. Her stone cold blue eyes bore into Cedar's, and the red wolf trembled even more. Senkah had a bad feeling about this wolf... but she wouldn't cast her out yet. "Come back with me to our dens," she said finally. "I have some questions to ask you, but not out in the open like this."

    Cedar nodded. She rose a bit, but kept low to the ground, not wanting to anger the alphas. Senkah turned around and padded through the forest, with Hades, Aki, and Zero by her side. Once they reached the dens, Senkah padded into the alpha's den and went inside. Hades stood at the entrance, eyeing Cedar suspiciously. "Come inside," Senkah called to Cedar. Cedar hesitated for less than a second, then went in. She swallowed uncomfortably as Hades sat outside, trapping her in.

    Cedar looked around at Senkah's den. Senkah motioned for Cedar to sit down, and she obeyed. "Now Cedar," Senkah said, her voice serious, "I need you to tell me everything that you heard."

    "Atra... she said they were going to target Emeraldpack first, that they were slowly going to lure in the packmates who are loyal to them now. Then she was going to attack with-with Darkpack, kill Pinepack, and take their land. She said... she said she was going to kill you herself."

    Senkah's eyes were grave as she listened, "thank you for telling me this, Cedar." She motioned for Hades to come in, and she whispered to him what Cedar had just told her. "We must warn the other packs."

    Cedar nodded, "Atra said she was going to... to make sure you saw all your friends die first. If she's going to attack you last, that means you'll have time to prepare."

    Inside, Senkah felt a wave of rage at her sister, but it was unnoticable outside. "You're welcome to stay here with us." Cedar looked up in surprise. Senkah forced a reassuring smile, fighting back rage towards Atra. "Zero will show you where the dens are," Senkah said, not wanting to lose her temper in front of Cedar.

    Cedar nodded, glancing around to see where Zero was, "Who... who's Zero?"

    "One of the packmates," Senkah replied. "She's outside." Cedar nodded again and padded out of the den. After she left, Senkah furrowed her brow.

    "Why did you let her in that easily?" Hades hissed, but not unkindly, "she could be a spy! We don't know if she's telling the truth or not!"

    "Yes, she could be a spy. But she could just as easily be telling the truth, as well," Senkah murmured. "I don't want an innocent wolf to die."

    "Would you rather let a random loner die, or a Stonepack wolf die?" Hades countered.

    "Neither, Hades." Senkah brushed her muzzle into Hades' brown fur. "I don't trust her either. But let's just give her a chance, alright?"

    Hades sighed, "okay."

    Senkah furrowed her brow as she watched Zero show the new wolf around.

    Have I made a big mistake?
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