Runaway chicken! Please help!

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    Jan 15, 2016
    We have a RIR that is one of 12 my husband brought home Friday afternoon. Prior to adding to our flock we had 13 RIR, 3BR and 22 silkies. All of them stay well in our yard and we have never had to chase after them. I have taught them all how to come to me for a snack with "here chicken!" And when I want to coop them up I yell "coop up".

    Today (Sunday) a stray dog was running around and we had to hurry to coop them all up. We had 3 stragglers. 1 wouldn't stop running or go anywhere near the coop no matter what we did. I told my husband not to chase her, but he still gave chase and she took off. Early afternoon a neighbors kid said they saw her but their dogs scared her back into the woods. I went to find her with no luck.

    This evening we got a call from another neighbor that she was under a bush in their yard. We went to look and she was there. However, again my husband made the mistake of trying to grab her and chase her and again she ran off. [​IMG]

    We put scratch out in the yard she was in and I'm gonna get up and head out early morning to see if I can spot her. Tonight we let the rest of our chickens out in hopes she would recognize the rooster and come back. No luck. Should we keep trying this? Should we wait on neighbors to call us? Not sure what to do since we've never had this happen. Since she is also new to the flock, she's probably not sure where she is either. Any suggestions would be a big help. We have not been able to get close enough to her with a net either.
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    It sounds a bit tricky - as you say, she will not recognise your yard as "home" yet and nor will she recognise you. Maybe go and have a look around and ask your neighbours to notify you if they see her. Maybe take some treats / food with you and a net. Best of luck.

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