Runner duck can't walk and appears egg broke inside her


8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
Tehama, Nor Cal (way nor)
Last night I was herding my ducks in and a runner female collapsed and couldn't get back up. I put her in a nest and she was still there this morning. I checked her out and it appears there is yolk coming out of her. I felt her abdomen and it feels hard. Any suggestions what I can do to help her?

Do you have a vet? If the egg broke inside her, the danger of infection is quite serious. She needs to be on antibiotics.

I don't want to scare you or give you false hope. She needs veterinary attention now. My duck Neun died of egg yolk peritonitis, which is a systemic infection caused by the egg getting loose in the body cavity (at least that is my understanding of the gist of it).

Please get help right away.
I think it is possible. Ducks surprise me regularly. Sometimes they pull through just fine.

There may not have been a hard shell on that egg.

Give her vitamins, and a lukewarm bath to swim in for a while. It may still be a good idea to give her antibiotics.

Praying for you both.

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