Runner duck - day 32 no internal pip but still movement - help!


Jun 3, 2017
Hi everyone - I have a question about a runner duck that i hope someone will be able to help with!

Our runner duck is currently on day 32. There is no internal pip but still movement inside. The outside of the air sack is rippling and a very small triangle is coming through but not enough for a full pip!! The movement against the airsac is kind of like a heartbeat as it's very rhythmic (if that makes sense) is there anything we can do?? So worried that it's so late :(

I would really appreciate any advice! Thank you so much!


Jun 2, 2017
Runner ducks are supposed to hatch at 28.5 days. Sometimes though, it can be 2-4 days after the hatch date before it hatches. Try spraying the membrane with some water to keep the duck moving around. Make sure the humidity is high, somewhere around 80% You could also try taking off some of the shell, but you will have to avoid tearing the membrane.

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How did the hatch go?
Do not remove any of the shell...They need to pip the shell..Then they rest up to 24 hours before zipping out...As the process goes and they rest they absorb the yolk...Interfering too early can cause issues....
I hope all goes great with the hatch....

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