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    Hi. I have runner duck hatching eggs. The 3 females are fawn and white, chocolate, blue splash. The drake is white. I know nothing of genetics so i have no idea what youll get. I also dont know who lays what so you ll get a variety of eggs. Runners are excellent layers, last year there were a few times i got 8 eggs in a week. I have hatched the fawn and white girls eggs under a broody and got 100% hatch and i currenlty have 3 in the bator with 100% fertility. This will be a dozen eggs and they will be the freshest i have. I will ship on mondays and tuesdays to make sure the eggs dont sit at the post office and as soon as i have payment via paypal. Eggs will be shipping individually wrapped in a paper egg carton. If you want styrofoam insteAd, PM me. I feel the paper/ cardboard kind are sturdier. I will mark the box as hatching eggs and if desired i can put your phone number on the address label for the post master to call you when they arrive. My pm prefers i have this done when i recieve eggs. I will pack the area around the carton in the box tightly so the carton cannot move around. If theres anything else you need let me know. If you want more than a dz let me know i can let you know any additional cost. [​IMG] thanks! Oh!! Runners are the kind of ducks that stand upright. I have pictures available on my facebook page.
    info is
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