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    My wife and I love our ducks!!!! Let me be clear on that first. We have 3 Rouens (Dolly, Danny, and Elizabeth), 1 Black Swedish (Diva), 1 Golden Layer(Bubba), and 2 you got me just dang cute ducks (Sugar, Ming Ming) (Rip MRNotDuck and Emma). We have wanted a runner duck for some time.

    I saw an ad on CL of someone that had some runner ducks. We were excited, so I went to look at them, as my wife had an appointment. The location was a small feed store just out of town and I knew where it was. It was about a 20 minute drive one way. I arrived and was floored. This guy had about 20 ducks of different pure breeds from Pekins to Runners and two large white geese jammed into a cage that was 3 ft by 4 ft about 3 ft high. These are full grown ducks and geese mind you. All of these animals were simply TERRIFIED of humans. I also noticed about 75 chickens from Bantams to full size birds in an area about the size of a 2 car carport all in cages. Rare breeds, all debeaked.

    The ducks looked as though someone had slimed them. Their water consisted of a bowl of some type of brown liquid, and their food was crumble paste. If I had the room I would have taken all of the but of course I was also in my wifes Crown Vic with leather seats and a open cage sitting on a towel. I was only expecting to get one mabey 2 smaller birds.

    I got 2 chocolate runners and 1 khaki campbell for it was all that I could take which he man handled out of this little door on his cage. Said my peace which he really didn't care, and took my ducks. If I would have had my truck I would have taken them all.

    I brought them home and took them straight into the bathroom. These fully grown ducks have never seen water more than about 2 inches deep, as they were terrified of the water, but I had to get the duck, goose poop that was crusted off of them. The ones that had toe nails looked as though they were some type of strange looking curly pasta which made it quite hard for them to walk. The two runners were missing nails webbing was cut and frayed. I trimmed the nails of the one who had them, cleaned them up, and put them out in the grow out pen for a couple of weeks. I went to them several times daily to check on them and to let them know that people arn't all bad.

    They have been here for a month now, still shy of people, but will at least not seem as though someone is trying to process them everytime a human comes near them.. We named the two Chocolate runners Hersey and Kisses, and the Khaki was named Cinnamon. I will try to post some pics.

    On an update, a friend of mine told me that the feed store had several complaints filed (one was mine) and are no longer selling birds.
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    Good for you!! Glad to hear you could offer those three a wonderful new home with care and love. So sad how some people are just so ignorant in their care of animals. [​IMG]
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    Bless your heart for taking what you could, Im sure it was hard to leave the rest and only pick a few to go with you. People like that should be shoved in a cage to see how they like it.

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