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8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
Im looking at getting a few runners and i have a few questions.

1.) are the males "agressive" when it comes time to mating with the females, I have scobies and have to have my drakes put up away from the girls or they get "beat up", they only have a few hrs together. Wondering if runner males are as "frisky" as scobies.

2.) Do runner males fight with each other often? like scobies i only have 2 that like eachother.

All the male runner questions are for a reason I do duck herding with my dogs and sometimes AKC and AHA need ducks for trials and they like males cause well they dont lay eggs! and I'm sure you know what a female duck looks like when its trying to run when she starts laying. Im wondering if its the same for female runners or if it dosent matter.

I have 11 runners, 3 are males and they get along fine. The males never fight. They are not aggressive with the females. My corgi likes to herd them from time to time. They take to it pretty well. On occasion one duck will turn around chase the dog and bite her hiney.

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