Runners eating/breaking eggs in nest


13 Years
Oct 16, 2007
Chelsea, MI
we have had our 2 female runners sitting on eggs (appr 12) for several weeks now. they are in a shelter overnight with their 2 male counterparts (for safety)and released every morning by 9am to roam the pond area. over the past week i have found one egg each day that has been eaten/broken - inside the shelter, outside the shelter. at first i thought it might be a rodent, then i thought it might be one of the barn cats. this morning i went in to let them out and there was a broken egg. it appears to have been pecked open and sitting atop the contents. and each time it is away from the nest.

we are now down to 6 eggs in the nest. i was hoping to have another hatching, and would like counsel on how to achieve that or is this hatching doomed.

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