Running chick


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8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
San Juan Islands, WA
I just received 30 chicks, all 1-3 days old. I only have one of my chicks, I think he/she is a Wyandotte, is running around in circles. He runs the entire rim of the brooder box, running over the sleeping chicks. I call him Forest (as in "run, Forest run!). Do you think he's getting a sugar high from the added sugar to the water? Or is there an explanation? Sure could use some advice. Thank you
@ sugar high. Who knows? Maybe he's a natural spaz. It sounds like normal chick behavior to me.
I'm assuming this chick has nothing in his/her mouth. Anytime one of my chicks finds something he/she thinks is special, he/she tears around the brooder emitting a very distinct peep, i.e. "look what I have, look what I have!"

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