Running Ducks?


I have 14 running ducks and they don't do much but , quack all day and chase each other. And when do they leave there mothers? There already full grow ducks and they have all there feathers but still hang with there mother? Do these ducks run is that why they have there name? There always looking for water. We have a pool and one mom duck and 8 ducklings grown up will get in the pool and just quack.


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Jun 25, 2019
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Yep...sounds like you're learning the many joys of owning ducks. They will always stick close to their mom as they are now part of the flock, the only way they will really "leave" her is if you separate them. Ducks enjoy keeping each other company, it would be concerning to have one venture out on their own.

The runner ducks get their name from their upright stance opposed to other breeds that are hunched over. They do seem to "run" around when they get excited!

They will always look for water because it is such a crucial part of their lives, they need it to clean out their bills and nose holes, as well as to help with digestion. You don't necessarily need to keep a pool for them (although they really appreciate it) but they should have a bucket or other container they are able to fully submerge their bills.

Hope this helps some. Welcome to the duck world, as well as BYC!

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