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How safe is this. I don't have electricity in my coops. HUsband said he'd run it out there but never did. I'd have to have about 2 cords to reach the farthest coop. thought of running one out there(It would probly take two connected to reach), then hook three to it and running the individual ones to the coops. 3 coops not that far apart. But How safe is it really to have them on the ground. We have big weather changes here, It can snow and rain on the same day. Water sets on the ground at times. How safe is it to get cords wet or snow covered. What could I use on the end of the main cord to connect the 3 cords to it to run individual cords to the 3 coops. ?? I thought of the solar lights , but have been told they dont' really put out much light. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Same here. I have no choice but to use them. But I string mine off the ground. I know it's not safe but having elec. put in will cost hundreds of $$$$. Right now, not feesable. One day maybe.
Works fine for me. I only have one, though. I don't know about connecting them and having them on the ground where they could get wet.
I suggest buying the 100 ft cords in the thickest wire size possible, the thicker the cord, the less it heats up. You can bow tie the connections together so they do not pull apart and elevate the connection on a wooden stake.
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I run mine from the plug in into the chicken coop. I only use one cord and don't put anything on the plug parts. What I use is an outside cord that is very long.
The farthest coop has a walk way. I thought of running to it and putting one of those breakers you use in your house inside it, then running two cords out of it to the other 2 coops. That way I could use a breaker if something happens. But It would still take two cords connected to reach it. I could probly put where they connect of the ground, but should I wrap something around where they plug into each other (if so what) or will they be ok.
i dont have electricity in my coop and they seem to go pretty good without it. i read somewhere on here about a fire started with an extension cord i think it started with the extension cord if i remember right ended in sadness. make sure you have those outdoors extension cords and very thick ones i think the green ones are for outdoors and are very durable. just be careful.

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