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    The History

    They land of Anthea is beautiful... it is peaceful , or at least it was... The king of Athenalon has taken all of its prisoners and dumped them onto Athea. Some are murderer s others thieves, others are poor and some are innocent... they are now all together ..... With no law no fear and nowhere to go......


    Billrands: People with horse bodies and humanoid torso...

    Ternels: People with Fox ears and tails.

    Delray : similar to an elf

    Ferallites: elf like people who are very small.

    Horse : normal horse.


    You can create your own species but I must approve first.

    RULES :
    No playing God
    No killing without permission.
    No complaining...
    Have fun.



    History : (must have )
    Picture/appearance :

    Everyone is pretty much on their own so there is not a captain's form..
    Before we can start rping we have to have at least two of each character..
    Name: shanna
    Mate: single
    Gender: f
    History : (must have ) was accused of stealing. She is very crafty.supposed to have stolen over a million dollars.

    Picture/appearance : [​IMG]
    Username: beaky buzzard

    I've started out with one will upload more later :)
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    Beaky Buzzard Chillin' With My Peeps

    More to come :) please join :)
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    Beaky Buzzard Chillin' With My Peeps


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