runny eyes on young chickens


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Ok my aunt brought a bunch of chickens in from a friends
She said they were living in. A dark shed no lighting . And the amonia smell could knock you over when you walked in :-( about four have runny eyes and are lathergic.... everyone else seems fine no weezing or trouble breathing no runny noses ... are all scratchin around being happy chickens in a pen away from my main flock of course .. I kept the four up so I can at least give them save a chick water and maybe wipe their eyes a couple times a day ... what else should I do ? Is it just because of their living conditions?
It's good that your aunt brought those chickens home. Keep them in quarantine for 6 weeks. Give them fresh air in their quarters. Hopefully they don't have any respiratory disease and will recover with good ventilation, and some TLC. Here is a link to read about eye problems:

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