Runny poo after prolapse cleared up? Egg bound?


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Feb 17, 2010
Highlands, NC
I had a hen that had a little bit of prolapse. Treated it with prep-h and everything looked good. Now she has runny poo but is not swollen or showing any signs of prolapse.

Any idea what would cause this? She eats & drinks with the rest just fine. Is she maybe egg bound? I can not figure out who is laying and is not as they are all starting to lay.
When my chicken was eggbound her poop wasn't really runny- so it may not automatically be a sign of that. If she were eggbound, she would most likely be acting a little unusual.
Is the poo regular colored and just runny? Runny all the tme or occasionally?
It is normal color. Just runny. No other hens (we have 15) have it. She is not egg bound. I just did a thorough exam on her, her prolapse seems fine as there is no swelling. Maybe just her system is still going back to normal. She seems fine and happy and is able to poo. It seems to be thickening back up this morning so I put her back with the girls (she hates to be away from the flock) and will just see how it plays out. She is happy. She is eating, drinking, moving about just fine so maybe just some time to fully heal is what she needs.
Sounds like it was ust something running through her system ( no pun intended
). I woud just keep an eye on her,watch for any unusual behavior, and in the meantime, enjoy all the chickens antics!

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