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    Newbie. One of my chooks about 7 months old has very runny poop. Is it just cos she eats bad plants in the run? How do I know if they have worms? I live n South Australia. Most say they don't worm here. But what are thoughts about runny poo and worms. Thanks.
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    Worms could possibly be a cause of what you're seeing. Chickens instinctively know for the most part which plants are okay to eat and what not to eat. Providing proper layer feed without human food, without vitamins etc...will normally stop diarrhea. Finally, if it's very hot where you live, heat can cause diarrhea. Provide fresh cool drinking water and add a couple tablespoonfuls of apple cider vinegar to the water.
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    Thanks dawg53. It has been hot on and off for a few weeks (32C plus for 2 weeks just recently) but cooled down now. I do have some worming liquid so I'll try that on the weekend. And get some apple cider vinegar. They generally only get their chook pellets as they seem fussy about veggi and fruit scraps. They are about 7-9 months old only 1 laying and seem bony. Only way I can describe it. They have got bigger but still feel bony.

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