Runt, duck?

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  1. So no, I don't have a runt duck. However I believe I've had 2 before. So I was wondering,
    Are runts very common in ducks? I've had, oh say, 20 ducks in my lifetime so far and have had 2 very small ducks (both of them were khaki campbells) that both died. The first one was a khaki campbell + 4 other KC's, and yes, there was an obvious growth difference- there was a very large one, a large, a medium, and one in between all of those. But then there was this one who grew like nothing in the time she was alive. I forget how old she was, but she just DID. NOT. GROW. And this year, we got 2 runners, 2 buff ducks, and 2 khaki campbells. Well, we were raising them, and the runners grew the same, the buffs were a bit fatter, and the 1 khaki campbell was fine but the other one grew little to nothing since we got her. Say for example, when we got her she was 5 lbs. In 2 months she grew to 6 lbs (I cant' weigh anything under a pound and this is what it seemed like, we got them as little ducklings) , whereas the other one (same size when bought) grew to 9 lbs in 2 months. Well the little runt-ling died, just like the last one. Which begs the question, are duck runts common? I've had probably 200 chickens soo far, and never seen a runt. So I find it odd, both that I've had so few ducks and 2 runts, and that they were the same breed...
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    A small number of people here on the forum have had tiny ducks, so they may be more common among ducks than chickens.
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    Hey Cochin!

    I've seen a few cases of runt ducks on here but they aren't very common. Most of them ended up being "Micro" ducks and had little to no growth rates.
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    I've had a failure to thrive duck, Cochin. He was a Khaki Campbell. He did live for a couple of years, but just stayed like a 60% version.
  5. Thanks for the replies (Marty and Kev, and Amiga) just was wonderin'

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