Runt of the "litter" has developed a limp

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by NC ChickenKate, Nov 11, 2011.

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    My bantam chicks are now 3 1/2 weeks old (two Welsummers. 4 EEs and three silkies) and were moved out of their brooder in the bathroom and into their coop 4 days ago. It was obvious after one week that one silkie just isn't growing like the rest and now she's hardly half the size of the other silkies. She eats, drinks and acts the same as the others but yesterday she developed a limp with her right leg. Careful inspections havn't shown anything broken or painful to manipulate and she still shoulders herself into the middle of the morning hard-boiled egg w/ veggies meal.
    A sprain? She jumps and flaps and dust-bathes like the rest and the bum leg is not splayed out to one side. She also plays getting up to and down off the tiny perches I've built for them to keep them entertained. If it was painful I'd assume she'd stay in the shavings.
    Because she is an obvious failure to thrive case I've kept a very close watch on her.
    I figured they'd let me know what their names are by their individual personalities/quirks/looks...and she's about to be named Gimpy...or do I need to just give her the tincture of time?
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    I'd give her a little time and see if the limps stops. Have never had it happen in a chick but have had a few big girls start limping all of a sudden and then a few days later their just fine like nothing was ever wrong with them!!
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    I had a runty chick who had bent toes, she started limping and laying down more although she could still do everything, she looked in pain when she walked. It was recommended that I gave her extra vitamins, I put vitamin powder for birds on their food every day and now she is strong and happy, no sign of a limp at all.
    It took about 1 week to work but since then she has been getting bigger and stronger and walks perfectly fine. Extra vitamins seem to really do the trick for leg and problems. [​IMG]

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