Runt or something else?

Wonder Mom

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6 Years
Jun 16, 2013
I received four chickens that were all hatched on the same day. I believe they are Wyandottes. One has just started laying eggs, while one of them seems to be a "runt." Her comb is still small and pink, she weighs considerably less than the others, and she often just wants to lay in the hen house. I'm very concerned about her. Is she just a runt that's taking longer to develop, or could it be something else? She seems fine otherwise.
She may just be low in the pecking order, or she may have a health problem that is affecting her activity level such as a weak heart. Is her comb starting to get red yet?
No, it's not really red and it's still small. One of the other girls has a nice, large red comb that flops over!
I have had chickens that never developed or laid eggs, and one day they just died around a year old. You just never really know why.

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