Rural King Salmon favorella


May 28, 2019
Florida Central
I know its to early to really tell but i bought all my birds as pullets but this salmon favorelle seems to either not be right breed/gender or just early devolper
Untitled (4).jpg

This one above i believe is pullet the one below i think is different breed/gender
Untitled (5).jpg
The first bird looks like a salmon faverolle. It has feathered feet and you can see the extra toe in the picture. The second bird is not a salmon faverolle but I can't say I know what it is. It looks like a leghorn but I'm not great at identifying breeds.
Leghorns have a single comb -that one almost looks like a pea comb from the angle. Maybe it’s a straight comb-can’t tell. A Leghorn will have white earlobes when it get a bit older, you’ll be able to see them.
Will update in future if anyone's interested. the whole experience that day was a little unusual i should of said something when i got them. the person who handed them to me was very inexperienced and ended up giving me a darker and light saphire when i wanted two light

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