Russian Orloff X Shamo or Thai??

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10 Years
Dec 18, 2009
I was wondering, I have a few Pure Shamo game fowl chickens, they are really bad in cold weather & must be babied to survive our Wisconsin weathers..............was wondering has anyone out there crossed a Thai or Shamo with Russian Orloffs?? They say the Russian Orloffs have some Malay blood in them that makes them have the Oriental Gamefowl build. I picked up 2 Russian Orloff Chicks for $5.00 one is a little pullet & the other a Cock.......... When they grow up I'm going to try this cross......... Would be nice if someone out there did this already & I could know the results......................
Photo of my Little Orloff Chick & my Shamo Cock.
Haven`t had Orloff`s, but I can tell you that, if you have real Shamo, don`t breed them out of existance. Real ones are hard to come by and Orloffs are just chickens. All the gameness has been bred out of them. Shamo, on the other hand, still show a good bit of it, unless someone has been careless in their breeding. What the heck, it gets cold in Japan and that`s where they were developed..........Pop

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