Russian Orloffs

I do. They are very gentle birds. The my roo's let me carry them around as they continue to crow. The hens are also very nice and I have a few that brood. They are very pretty and lay a nice size egg that is light brown with dark brown freckles. I really enjoy mine. You can see pics of mine on my page.
I unfortunatly do not have them but my friend does and she and i both love them they are a very nice breed that i and she highly recommend
I was a Hoosier! Born in the Calumet region. I think I must have Orloffs! Best source? (prefer eggs). I did see Sand Hill had them. I love their expression! My mom was Russian. I think I'm fated to own a couple!
Of course you are! LOL We live in an area that used to be called "Little Russia", because of the immigrants that came here. And I want to promote the breed! Not enough people have them!

As far as eggs, I know has some, but I never tried them.

Good luck!
I actually got 6 eggs on eggbid last Spring. It was a stupid thing to do because I was moving.
Waited too long to put them in the incubator and none of them hatched. I'm all pumped up to try it again.

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