Rustic coop almost done


10 Years
Jul 16, 2010
North Carolina
Been working on a new coop in past couple weeks. Was able to find a lot of weathered wood to go after a more rustic tobacco barn look. We moved last year so had to say my good bye to my previous coop,

Built same 4x6 footprint on this one but went with A-frame and reduced the height.


Chicken door and feeder will be automated with a Particle Proton micro controller I programmed. I'll try and do a write up as an article when its all complete. Chicks are one week old so hoping to have the project done in the next couple weeks.
Well yours is nice too;), but I was complimenting @shughes

Thanks @HenOnAJuneBug. The design is a combination of my previous coop, things I wish I had done after building first coop and some plans I found on Etsy.

Items I changed or doing differently from first coop that might assist first time builders:

1) Roost bar at least 15 inches from wall. In fact on this one I am making roosts span width of coop starting in front of man door to make it easier to clean out the poop.
2) Nest box will be divided. With 8 hens only making two nests. Rest of space is used for storage
3) Using gas struts to assist lifting the nest lid
4) running electric to the coop and programmed a Particle photon to automatically open/close chicken door and might also use for closing lid on feeders if I have rodent issues.

Items/ideas I am keeping from first coop:

1) stilts. the girls loved hanging out under the coop
2) ridge vent

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