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    hi all! is a rusting galvanized waterer harmful to hens? is there a way to prevent the oxidization? i've been reading about adding ACV to the water and i can only imagine how hard that is on metal. i have also read a post about a "nipple waterer" is that similar to a hamster/rabbit water bottle? thanks,
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    Quote:A nipple drinker system would be great. It is different from a hamster/rabbit water bottle in that it doesn't use a ball-bearing as the hamster waterer does but rather a "pin" that is moved sideways. They work very good and you can design your own system from a simple milk jug or 2-liter drink bottle, to a 5-gallon bucket, to a 55 gallon drum and on up. The hamster waterers are pretty limited in their applications. The best source that I know of for the nipples is a fellow BYC'er, Neil Grassbaugh , plus he knows lots about the nipples in case you need some help with them.

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