S/O Hen Panting- got one here too


10 Years
May 17, 2009
I have a 1 yr old Arucana that is panting a lot over the last 3 days. It is only the mid 80's here and she has an open air run, well-ventilated coop, fresh water, and access to shade. Her bottom is slightly messy, but otherwise no other symptoms-

We did lose another hen (4 y/o BO) recently after a prolonged illness in which she was sedate, tail feathers down, standing in the corner of the run, or penguin walking.

We have 5 hens in a 4X6 coop with an 8 X8 run that i can stand in- They are on pine shavings (Southern Star pine), 16% layer mash pellets, oyster shell, and ACV in their water about once a week and non-iron poly vi sol drops in the waterer every few days for the lst few weeks due to the other's illness. Gave the panting hen a little olive oil and checked her crop, but did'nt feel anything (at least nothing jumped out and bit me)..

Wormed all with Wazine in their waterer 2 weeks ago, Safeguard by mouth- each individually yesterday- will repeat the safeguard in 10-14 days..

Ideas? Advice?

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