Sad, bought a bad batch of eggs, wont again

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by shaylee, Mar 5, 2009.

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    I didnt buy them on here, but I bought some eggs a month ago. When they arrived, the egg cartons were wet, like the eggs had condensation from being refrigerated and had been pack up out of the fridge. I tried to e mail the lady, to no avail. One baby hatched, deformed and died 2 days later. Was my first time getting eggs in the mail, 12 were a barnyard mix, 12 turken, and 12 maran/welsummer mix. I am out a lot of money and will likely never buy eggs thru the mail again. (I bought them for myself as a birthday present, buy myself something every year)

    Shouldnt the eggs have been dry? They were wrapped nicely, but soooo soggy. Wasnt the P.O. fault.

    Has anyone had this happen to them?The lady had pretty good feedback, but didnt sell often where I got them. I am just upset about this. She wont respond to e mails and now her e mail are coming back as a unexisiting e mail addy.

    Grrrrr. [​IMG]
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    Don't give up on it.....Maybe just by 6 from someone here on BYC that is local to you. Try in small already have the bator!!


    Good luck, I can not wait to see the pics of the babies you are going to hatch next time!!

  3. You know I've read posts about people's chicks being stuck in the back of a mail truck in freezing weather left there over night and arriving dead. Maybe your eggs were left in a freezing place, then warmed up again later. Who knows. I just shipped someone eggs last week for the first time, and I was biting my fingernails praying they got there ok. I even told the postal person at the counter I would cry if they didn't. Luckily they arrived alright. You never know whether it's they shipper's or PO fault. That's why I bought insurance when I shipped my eggs. Bad thing though, the clerk told me I'd have a hard time proving the value of the eggs if something happened and anyone tried to collect (I insured them for $20).

    I'm going to start a thread on this insurance thing. Curious.
  4. Buster

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    I only buy eggs from established BYC breeders. I haven't had a bad experience yet. Don't give up.
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    A friend of mine was given some eggs by a local person that had some birds. What this guy was thinking I don't know. The eggs were rotten, and one of the eggs exploded in my friend's kitchen. [​IMG] It was awful. [​IMG]

    Fortunately, that has only been a one time occurrence. My friend has received many many eggs from people here on BYC, and has had no further problems. I say give it a chance, and try again with some of the wonderful people here. I'm sorry your eggs didn't do so well this time. [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry - I ship alot of eggs and have also received eggs but have never seen anything like what you describe. I think you got a raw deal from a bad seller. If you buy on ebay, definitely check their feedback as well as the feedback thread on here. Sellers who care about their eggs take every precaution to make sure that their eggs get to you safely. Sounds like this person just didn't care. Don't give up!
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    well even if it wasnt the sellers fault < they froze while in shipmmetn whatever> the seller still should have emailed you back or talked to you or whatever. that part is what gets me.
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    You have a PM.
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    If it was ebay, eggbid or other egg site talk with the management or customer service. Did you take any pics of the eggs? Did you pay by paypal? I've bought lots of eggs over the last couple of years and I cannot find the reasoning for it. I say maybe they were frozen when sent or maybe later in the truck and then defrosted in the po. Her not answering you is just bad business. Give her one more try and if not leave feedback on your experience.
  10. i'm really sorry Shaylee. That sounds just awful. i have bought eggs on ebay, eggbid, here, and from private breeders and have had good experiences. i've never had eggs arrive damp, though. That doesn't sound right at all.

    But don't give up. i have a bator full of eggs hatching right now - cuckoo silkies from a seller on ebay, and some showgirls from someone on this board. There are good people out there who take pride in their eggs and pack and ship them correctly. Just chalk this up to experience. And, you can also leave appropriate feedback for your seller so others will know what they might expect.

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