Sad day today...


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Northern, CA
Today I went outside to find one of my favorite silkie chickens lying on the floor of the coop, practically ripped to shreds. And the worst part is that he was still barely alive. I could see him twitching and breathing out of his beak. I couldn't bare to see him suffer so.... I made myself... drown him...
. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Luckily, since he was already so limp he didn't squirm much.

Since I free range my chickens I'm thinking it was probably a predator. I doubt that a flock-mate of his would have done this.

RIP My dear Cricket. His name was Cricket because the only sounds he made was a really high-pitched whistle-y crow and those high-pitched squeaky noises that chickens make when they find something yummy. He made those sounds constantly and he could always make me smile.

RIP Cricket!
Aww I'm so sorry I know how you feel. A possum got ahold of one of my chickens once and ate her head off and left the rest. It made me sick I just fell to the ground crying. You have to watch out for those things.
RIP Cricket. And kudos to you for being so brave and not letting him suffer further. I agree, it was a predator and you have to be on the lookout for it to return. Once they find a food source, they keep coming back. Poor little Silkies don't roost, so they are so vulnerable, that and poor eyesight from the top knots. One thing I have and I do think it works, is the Night Owl Eye red-thingy. It is a blinking light that I mounted on a post near the pop door and it is solar powered, auto on and off at dusk. I am thinking to put one right above the coop pop doors, they are like $25 to $30 at the feed store. Maybe something that easy would help you out.

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